8%, equivalent to 102.

yuan in tax rebates, up 3.9%, 869.6▓49 billion yuan in fiscal transfer payments including ▓general transfer payments, a 22% increase, and 996.693 bil?/p>

坙ion yuan in special transfer payments, a 44.6% increase. ▓The large increase in this last item was mainly due to the huge increase in expenditures required to subsidize key lo▓cal programs suc

h as education and medical and health car▓e. Tax rebates and transfer payments turned over to loc▓al governments became part of the revenue of local governm▓ents, which ma

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de arrangements for their utilization. Transfer payments from the central government accounted for an average of 38% of local government spending nationwide and 54.4% in the central and western re

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gions. Revenue▓ of local governments totaled 5.159052 trillion yuan, an increase of 988.001 billion yuan or 23.7%, equiva▓lent to 106.4% of the target.

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This consists of 2.86449▓1 trillion yuan collected by local governments and 2.294561 trillion yuan in tax rebates and transfer payments

trillion yuan. Th e central government's tax  rebates and tra nsfer payments to local governments. T he ▓central government tu rned over 2.294561 trill ion y▓uan in tax rebates and transf er payments to local governments in 2008 , an increase of 480.772 bil lion yuan or 26. 5%, representi ng 106.1% of t he target. T his total consis ts of 428.219 billion 乌兰察布市5G 鸡西市wap 永吉县5G 合浦县wap 大同市5G 隆林各族自治县wap 宜宾市5G 武宣县5G 青神县wap 陵水黎族自治县wap 启东市wap 沁水县5G 凌源市5G 西丰县wap 和平区wap 通海县5G 沅江市wap 新泰市5G 巴南区5G 彰武县5G 传奇私服补丁视频教程 热血传奇私服虎牙 为什么传奇私服登录器打不开 热血传奇私服1.76客户端 传奇私服1.80合击版 2018最新传奇私服发布网 死神单职业传奇私服 自己开传奇私服赚钱吗 传奇私服单职业发布网 大蓝游戏传奇私服手游